Resource Bank

We have all kinds of resources available in The Mix; glass jars and screw top bottles for jam makers and home brewers, fabrics, beads, wools, ribbons, boxes, bottle tops, juice cartons, pots, etc. There is also an ideas file to give you inspiration on how any of these can be given a new lease of life!

You are welcome to pop in on a Saturday (including during workshops) to pick up or drop off stuff. We are often collecting specific items for use in local schools and community groups, as well as in Mix workshops. For more information about the Resource Bank, or to request something you’d like us to collect on your behalf, please contact Jo; 07768 767787 /

We are currently collecting:
Items which show patterns or sizes, e.g. a stripy sock, a spotty glove, a set of 3 spoons or pots of different sizes. These are for pre-school children to explore and talk about pattern and size.
We are offering:
A mixed bag of dressing up including some superhero, for age 6-9ish
Cardboard tubes (from inside fabric rolls) some full length, some cut to shorter lengths. Good for rolling marbles through, sword fighting, making pen pots and more!
Office file holders (plastic, big enough to hold A4 standing upright) -lots of these, so if you’re looking to re-organise give us a call!


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