Sesi Refills

In The Mix you can refill your own containers with Sesi washing up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, hand soap, white vinegar, surface cleaner and rinse aid. Re-using bottles reduces the amount of plastic in the waste stream and saves the energy spent in manufacturing or recycling. SESI supply detergent refills to businesses in Oxford and London and sell packaging-free food from their stall at East Oxford Farmers’ Market. They produce their detergents with the help of a family firm in Northampton called Ideal Manufacturing. The ingredients are sourced almost entirely from the UK, except for lemons and lavender from Europe, and none of them are harmful to the environment. Since it was set up in 2006, SESI estimates that it has saved 40,000 containers from landfill.
The Mix is open for refills on Mondays between 4-6.30pm, on Wednesdays from 1-3pm, and on Saturdays where we can (check our facebook page for this weeks refill times). You can bring any containers to refill, from old plastic bottles to glass jars or even milk cartons.
Sesi refills

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